Tunes for the Body Body Raaga Spa Featured on What's Up Bangalore magazine

  • Mission Moksha - Body Raaga Spa

The two hour experience at Body Raaga was immersive, you sink into the warmth and comfort of nimble strong fingers on your skin and it will make your body sing.

The spa is resting in a by-lane of Indiranagar, and as you walk up the stairs that you to the top, you are enveloped by the aroma of softly simmering essential oils. I take a walk around the establishment and take it all in, the white linen, decorated by rose petals and gerbera flowers strewn in patterns.

They welcome me with a refreshing lemon juice, which was quite the relief for my stomach that seemed to be stirring acid that day. I spend some time with the menu and after some back and forth we decide on a high pressure massage that includes a scrub and wrap.

My designated masseuse is Nancy, a pleasant girl from the North-East, and she embodies everything that Body Raaga stands for – a holistic approach to mind, body and soul. She helps me relax my mind and restores and rejuvenates my energy, bombing all the stress and releasing my chakras, allowing them to breathe again. They have different kinds of treatments for mothers to be and new mothers, and even massages that will help combat jet lag.

Nancy uses her strong fingers to ease the knots out of my back, paying special attention to my lower back and shoulders as I had requested. She was mindful of my needs and made sure I felt like a princess, pampered and spoilt, and wanting nothing but to be buried in a soft bath robe and be oblivious to everything else in the dim room.

Nancy finished a round of strenuous massaging and then graduated to a rigorous body scrub. The grainy feel against my skin was refreshing and made me feel like I had been cleansed right from within my pores. This was followed up with a wrap, where my skin was coated with a soft, creamy lotion and I was left alone, wrapped in a soft cocoon.

Nancy then tiptoed into my room and let me out of there into the shower, and the water washed over me like a ritual leaving my skin fresh, and supple. Body Raaga has outlet in Whitefield, Jayanagar, Aloft Hotel – ITPL, and Sparsa Resort – Tiruvannamalai and a huge range of rituals to please your picky soul.