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  • Mission Moksha - Body Raaga Spa

A calming haven nestled amidst the interiors of Indiranagar, Body Raaga Wellness Spa is sure to lure anyone who’s in need of some relaxing therapy.

With deadlines piling up at work, the stress of managing hectic schedules and facing the harsh effects of pollution every day, we often find ourselves completely exhausted and irritated. Seeing as our lives are so stressful, we definitely deserve an unwindling, de-stressing break, right? Say hello to Body Raaga Wellness Spa.

First Impression

Tucked away in a calm residential area, surrounded by trees, the spa instills serenity right from the moment you enter the place. The soothing music playing above, the dim lighting, the soft colors on the walls, the Buddha statuettes and the paintings all around make you feel at peace instantly.

This humble space covers a small area four rooms in total) but makes up for it in its quality of services, all of which are inspired by Ayurveda, Western, Thai and Holistic traditions.

The Experience

The receptionist greets me with a glass of water and lime juice. After sipping on the refreshing drink, I am taken to the massage room by the therapist, where I’m briefed about the Serenity Treatment I’ll be receiving. This two-hour massage is perfect for gym rats and sporty people as deep pressure is applied to soothe sore muscles, heal and prevent injuries, and undo knots in the body for a relaxed feeling. After changing and getting myself onto the massage table, I feel a little skeptical about the deep pressure since I am highly sensitive to pain but I’m reassured by the therapist that if it gets too intense, I can ask for medium to low pressure.

She starts off by covering my entire body with a sheet applying deep pressure, working her way up from feet to my head. After the ten-minute warmup, she brings in the hot olive oil and removes the sheet near my legs; and thus begins the two-hour journey of Serenity ( the name is justified – It’s a truly soothing experience).

As she makes her way from my leg to my back and shoulders, she smoothens out restrained muscles and strokes away tight knots. I requested her to bring down the pressure to the lowest level. With the dim lights, the hot calming effect of the oil, the restful music and the therapist working her magic, I try my best not to doze off (though I must admit, at one point, I do slip into a little catnap!). She ends with massaging my head to stimulate the scalp and also the face, with a gentle, soothing massage for the eyes – just what I needed.

After a nice hot shower, my day ends with a plate of watermelon and a cup of special tea. This is a great therapy for those who want a top-to-toe soothing experience to relax aching muscles. No matter how busy you are, do take some time out to relax, restore and revitalize yourself here. It’s totally worth it.